Saturday, October 15, 2011

Naskah Drama "Tangkuban Perahu" ala OVJ

“OVJ style”

Cast :
Dendy Adrian as Little Sangkuriang and spirits
I Putu Eka Prana Y. as Sangkuriang
Riska Dewi Ikhsan as Dayang Sumbi
Firqotun Najiyah as Ngatini and Spirits
Hayatun Nufus C. as Narator

Tool :
-Red Cloth
-Rice Spoon
-Dog doll
-Flip Chart
-Sword toy

Script :
Narator : Once upon a time there lived a princess. She is “Dayang Sumbi” who daughter from king of West Java. She has a son who name is “Sangkuriang”. Sangkuriang very like to hunting. He used to hunting with his dog which name is Tumang.
He was hunting with Tumang, dog pet palace. Sangkuriang didn’t know the dog is incarnation of the god and his father.
Sangkuriang      : “Hey, can you go with me to hunting in the forest?”
Dog                  : “Au au au”
Narator  : (The dog didn’t obey him to hunting, so he chased away his dog to forest)
When he came back to the castle, he told what the happened to his mother.
Sangkuriang      : “, I  chased my dog and he go away”
Dayang Sumbi   : “Whaaat? You stupid !”
Narator :(His mother was very angry to him, intuitively his mother hit him with spoon which was held on by her).
Sangkuriang      : “I hated you mom !”
Narator : (Sangkuriang was hurt. He was very disappointed and he go away to roam)
Dayang Sumbi   : “No. no don’t go away from me !” hus2 L
Narator : (After that, he was very regretted to herself. She was praying and meditating. On one occasion, god gave her a reward. She became ageless and never being old).
Narator : (After years roam, Sangkuriang finally wanted came back to his homeland)
Sangkuriang      : “I miss my homeland.”
Narator : (When he arrived in his homeland, the kingdom was greatly changed. He met a beautiful girl who is his mother, Dayang Sumbi. He was fascinated by hers beauty, sangkuriang asked her to marry him)
Sangkuriang      : “Hey who are you? You looked so beautiful.”
Dayang Sumbi   : “Oh really? Thank you.”
Narator : (Therefore his handsome, she was also fascinated with him)
Sangkuriang      : “Will you marry me?” preet
Dayang Sumbi   : “Are you serious?”
Sangkuriang      : “Yes, of course.”
Narator : (One day Sangkuriang asked permission to go hunting. He asked Dayang Sumbi to dressing a headband to him)
Sangkuriang      : “Could you help to wear this headband?”
Dayang Sumbi   : “Oh my God”
Narator : (She was shocked when looked a scar in Sangkuriang’s head. She finally knew the man who asked marry to her is her son. She became very frightened)
Ngatini             : Sangkuriang is your son Sumbi
Dayang Sumbi   : Yes, but how obstruct this wedding?
Ngatini             : You should ask him to do something that he can’t do it
Dayang Sumti    : But, what?
Ngatini             : You should ask him to dam Citarum River and Make a big boat to across it. He exactly can’t do it.
Narator : (Ngatini, her servant told her to complete two requirement. One he must build a Citarum River. Second, she asked to make a big boat to cross the river. She wanted him to finish the job before early morning)
Dayang Sumbi   : “Are you sure you wanted to marry me?”
Sangkuriang      : “Yes, of course, why?”

Dayang Sumbi   : “Ok, you must dam a Citarum river and make a big boat to across the river.”
Sangkuriang      : “Heeem, Ok, I will do”
Dayang             : “But you must finish it before early morning”
Sangkuriang      : “Okay, anything for you” jiaaah
Narator : (At night he was meditate. With his strength, he mobilized spirits to finishing his job.
Sangkuriang is meditating . . . Dayang Sumbi peek Sangkuriang, she knew that Sangkuriang was sly. So she used a red cloth to show that now is early morning)
The spirits knew that now has early morning.
Spirits              : We must hurry up!
Sangkuriang      : “Oh no!”
Narator : (Sangkuriang was very angry, so he kicked the boat till side down become a mountain which name is “Tangkuban Perahu”)

Note : spirits = tuyul, mahluk halus dll.

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